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Tried & Tested: by Adventures of Doodles

Tried & Tested: by Adventures of Doodles

The stars of Adventures of Doodles Colin and Rhapsody were kind enough to try a range of our products for their popular blog. See what they thought (this blog has been kindly reproduced with their permission).

We have previously reviewed three Animology shampoos; Fox Poo, White Wash and Hair of the Dog and it would be safe to say that we are big fans so, when we were announced as the winners of their Instagram competition we were excited to try out some of their other products! Our prizes consisted of a tube of Fox Poo shampoo, a tube of Dogs Body shampoo, a bottle of Dirty Dawg no rinse shampoo spray and a bottle of Stink Bomb refreshing dog spray.

As our regular readers, or anyone that follows us on Facebook or Instagram, will know we LOVE Animology’s Fox Poo shampoo. Mum doesn’t appreciate the aroma of l’eau du fox poo as much as me, weird I know, and since we have a fox living under the deck in our garden it is essential that we are always fully stocked with Fox Poo shampoo. It is the only shampoo that we have tried that completely gets rid of the smell and your humans can wash any accessories you might have impregnated with the delightful stench with it too to make them smell good as new. Although the shampoo is called Fox Poo it can also be used to remove poo from other animals or other unwanted smells!

As Rhapsody does not have the same affinity for Fox Poo as me, it was her job to try out our new Dogs Body shampoo. We had not tried this one before so we were keen to see if it stood up to the high expectation we have for Animology products. This shampoo is suitable for every dog, it has a mild yet deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour without stripping essential oils from our gorgeous coats. Its built in conditioner reduced the time spent in the tub (always a plus) and, along with the Pro-Vitamin B5, help improve the health, strength and condition of our hair. We were impressed, as usual, with this shampoo from Animology. Rhapsody’s coat was as soft and fluffy as a cloud and she got lots of compliments about her condition at the show we went to the day after we used it!

Next up we have Animology Stink Bomb refreshing dog spray. We have a selection of doggy sprays but most of them struggle to cover the more delightful smells that we manage to acquire. This spray is an absolute life saver, according to Mum, when we are naughty puppies and decide to get all stinky when we are out and about. Stink Bomb came to the rescue recently at a show when we decided to go for a little swim in a stagnant lake before the show had even started! The spray does not have an overpowering smell but it covers odours well until we have time to have a bath. The spray is also enriched with the same conditioner and Pro-Vitamin B5 that is in their shampoos so it is also great for our coats!

Both shampoos and sprays retail at £5.50 per 250ml tube, you can find them on the Animology website here. Although the price may seem high for dog shampoo (Mum doesn’t even spend that much on hers!), the quality of Animology, especially their Fox Poo shampoo makes it totally worth it. Animology also do great offers when they attend shows, so look out for them attending one near you, and they run regular competitions on their social media pages! Get over there and get involved for a chance to win free Animology products!

Read more from Colin and Rhapsody on their website Adventures of Doodles.

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