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5 top tips for preventing fleas

5 top tips for preventing fleas
The summer months are great for long walks in the countryside with your dogs, enjoying the fresh air and long hours of sunlight. But for your precious pets they can be torturous with parasites ready to holiday in their coats.

The warm weather brings out the fleas, ticks and more dangerous parasites including heart worm, round worm and hook worm; but they don't have to be a problem with our top tips....

1) Spot the signs early

Before you even spot the insects it can be easier to see 'flea dirt' or the faecal matter left by adult fleas, which can look like simple black specks on the coat.

They are easy to see on lighter furred animals but there are also simple ways to spot them on all pets.

Using a flea comb is the easiest option but if you've not got one to hand you can also try the simple white paper towel trick.

Just place the paper towel, or even a piece of white paper, under your pet and run your hand across their fur. If black specks then appear on the paper they could be 'flea dirt'.

You should check your dog for fleas daily, especially during the summer months. They are commonly found in woodland, parks and heathland so a quick check after a walk could save time and energy in the long run.

2) Keep it clean

Make sure you vacuum frequently, especially the carpeted areas of your home and car where your pets have access to.

It is estimated that vacuuming can remove up to 50% of flea eggs but always remember to empty the vacuum cleaner immediately, to get rid of the eggs once and for all.

Keep your pets bed clean too. It is essential to wash it regularly using the hottest water possible to kill any parasites and larvae.

It's not just indoors you need to keep clean though. Fleas love to live in shaded, protected areas outside so keep your garden clean and tidy too. Make sure you brush regularly and keep the area free of leaves, and grass short.

3) Prevention is better than cure

As well as following the tips above it's worth using products at regular intervals to keep parasites at bay. If you keep your house protected as well as your pets there's nowhere for them to survive.

Fleas have a 4-stage life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, adult - so make sure the products you use target more than one stage of the flea’s life cycle - otherwise you will be facing a constant battle to stay on top of the problem.

4) Don't give up

Once infestations take hold it can be difficult to eradicate them. Due to the four stage cycle it can on occasion take three months to completely solve the problem and some pets will need more than one treatment. This is usually because you have missed somewhere in your home.

Make sure you plan your assault with military precision and work systematically through your home.

5) Be prepared

One in five cats and one in 10 dogs are infested with fleas at any time so discovering a flea is an inevitability at some stage.

If you do find a flea then the infestation has already occurred. By the time you are seeing the end product there could be thousands of eggs and larvae throughout your home, so act quickly.

Where possible keep your flea control products stocked up ready so you can act quickly and efficiently when you need to......

As well as products for your pets, including a flea killing spray and powder, Strikeback also offer a Flea Killing Fogger to use in the home.

Only about 10% of the flea population (mainly the adults) are on your pet so treating the home is just as important.

As well as the Pest Control range Animology also offer a Flea & Tick shampoo which is suitable for all types of dog coat, this shampoo helps to remove fleas and ticks and also soothe irritated skin, which is essential if your dog has been scratching.

The shampoo is also infused with our fresh 'medicated' scent, which won't leave your dog smelling like it needs another wash and until the end of September we have 25% off.

Animology Flea & Tick

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