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Tried & Tested: Bad Ass Pug Blog

Tried & Tested: Bad Ass Pug Blog

The lovely Loki from the Badasspugclub has written a blog reviewing our Dogs Body shampoo. They have kindly given us permission to include this on our blog.

‘Now before we begin some dogs love water and some do not. I like the rain but dislike baths. I want to say a massive thank you to animology for sending my human some of their “Dogs Body” shampoo. The main reason being that it has added conditioner! So I got out of the bath a lot quicker than usual!

Bathing me is a messy job, I always try to escape and shake it out at any given opportunity so the human was glad it was only one product needed, after being suitably wet (the both of us) the human lathered me up (and it lathered!) very quickly, so a little does go a long way! Human took this opportunity to take a pic… I found it a good time to share some suds with her.

As quick as it took to rub in, it was washed out (fine by me!) The human “oooh’d” at the smell, you know the smellier the better for me but hey, whatever makes her happy, after a quick rub down and mad 10 minutes frantically rubbing myself on forbidden upholstery and fabrics I deem to be towels (we must beg to differ here) I was practically dry! And very fluffy the human states.

Looking pretty damn handsome and smelling so good, I felt pretty badass about now, the next day my fluffiness settled down and my coat became so sleek and shiny and apparently super soft too as the human would not stop touching me (can’t complain though.) Throughout the day the human kept grabbing me and sniffing me commenting on how I still smelled good (the cheek! I always do..)

A good many days on and my coat is still soft and smooth the smell has gone but I hear it has neutralised my “doggy” smell for a lot longer than usual. (I guess that’s good news for me).

Overall I conclude that animology can bathe me any day, I need the human to get some more of that dogs body shampoo for I am one happy puggy. Human recommends trying it yourself there is something for every dog, my poodle bro uses white wash!’


Visit Loki's blog here or follow Loki on Instagram @badasspug_don_loki.

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