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Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy with Our Essential Grooming Products!

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy with Our Essential Grooming Products!

We know how much you love your dog and want the best for them. Proper grooming is key to keeping them happy and healthy, but some areas often get overlooked: their eyes, ears, nose, and paws.

That's why we've developed our Tear Stain Remover, Ear Cleaner, and Paws & Nose Balm – to help you care for your dog effortlessly.

Tear Stain Remover

Facial staining can be a real issue, especially for dogs with light-coloured fur. Our Tear Stain Remover gently reduces dirt build-up around their eyes and keeps those stains at bay.

  • Gentle & Non-Irritating: Perfect for daily use, it won't irritate your dog's sensitive eye area.

  • Pet Safe Ingredients: Free from sulphates and parabens, it soothes and cleanses.

  • Easy to Use: Just add a few drops and wipe clean with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Ear Cleaner


Keeping your dog's ears clean is so important for preventing infections and keeping their hearing sharp. Our Ear Cleaner softens and removes wax and dirt.

  • Effective Cleaning: It helps clear away wax and debris to prevent infections.

  • Easy Application: Simply add a few drops, massage gently, and wipe clean.

Paws & Nose Balm

Your dog's paws and nose go through a lot, facing various surfaces and weather conditions. Our Paw & Nose balm protects and nourishes, keeping them soft and healthy.

  • Moisturising: Packed with sweet almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, and oat oil.

  • Added Vitamin E: Helps prevent cracked skin and dryness.

  • Easy Application: The handy tube makes it easy to apply and ensures quick absorption without a greasy feel.

Clean Sheets

Vitamin enriched, our Clean Sheets wipes will also help to de-grease, deodorise and keep your dog’s coat in good condition. These wipes have a textured side to rub and scrub at dirt, and a smooth side for gentler wiping. 

  • Extra large size for quick and easy use (200 x 270mm approx.)

  • Dual-sided for an effective clean and wipe

  • Suitable for all breeds

Taking care of your dog's eyes, ears, nose, and paws is essential for their overall well-being. With our Tear Stain Remover, Ear Cleaner, and Paws & Nose Balm, you can keep your furry friend comfortable, healthy, and happy.

Lucy Skidmore
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