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Responsibly made
For pets

How Animology Products are Responsibly Made

Our pets are our family and as owners, we’re responsible for making decisions in the best interest of their safety and wellbeing. At Animology, we take this responsibility very seriously and create grooming products that are specifically designed for pets (not for humans).

About Dogs' Skin

A dog’s epidermis is 3-5 cells thick (compared to a human’s at 10-15 cells thick) meaning that pets have a much thinner epidermis and are at higher risk of skin irritation from chemicals. Human products, and human chemistry for that matter, are not transferable to making safe products for dogs. Dogs need grooming products that are very mild and gentle in order to avoid skin irritation, this means low levels of surfactant (low foaming and low suds) and to not contain very strong fragrance as the fragrance (parfum) is the component in a formulation that has the highest chance of causing irritation for an animal.

About The Law

In the UK and EU, pet care products are regulated under household regulations CLP which stands for ‘The Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008’, this regulation has set levels that certain ingredients can appear in a formulation before triggering a warning or danger symbol needs to be applied to the packaging - these warning symbols can be seen in this image. The most common triggers for these warning symbols in pet care is the level of surfactant (the cleaning/foaming agent) and the fragrance.

What To Look Out For

If your dog shampoo is high foaming with lots of suds, and/or highly fragranced, it could be over the safe levels dictated by CLP and could be too harsh for your pet’s skin. If your dog shampoo is a ‘concentrate’ and doesn’t display any of these warning symbols nor clear instructions for dilution, it is not compliant with the regulations and could be putting your pet at risk, especially if you are not diluting the shampoo before applying it to your pet! When looking for the right pet care products to use on your pets, look for: Mild & gentle formulas, so that you’re protecting their sensitive skin. Products with a gentle lather, so that lots of harsh surfactants aren’t being used. pH balanced formulas, to suit a dog’s neutral pH. Easy rinse formulas, to limit the risk of any irritants being left in their fur or skin.